Blogmas Day 8: 2022 Reading Goals

Welcome back to Reading With Delaney for day eight of blogmas! As we enter into the new year, it is time to start looking forward to what this year will bring. As always, there are too many books and not enough time, but I am really looking forward to all of the books I have to read this year.

Today, I am going over the different reading goals I have set for this year, as well as a few blogging goals!

How many books???

I decided to set my reading goal this year at 100 books. Which quite frankly, I found a bit scary. That’s a lot of books! And it’s something I never would have thought possible just a few years ago. I am not actually that big into having a set number goal. Quite frankly, I don’t think it’s that important. My usual strategy is to set a goal for something that is quite manageable that I am pretty sure I will reach.

And I have to admit, that 100 books just doesn’t appear to be manageable. I am never quite sure how much time or drive I will have to read in a year. However, I settled into a really good reading pace last year where I was usually reading about ten books a month, and I think that I will be able to keep up with it. If I do read ten books a month, that will put me at 120 books, so it still leaves me quite a bit of wiggle room.

Diversifying my Reading

This year, I am hoping to continue diversifying my reading in a number of ways. Generally, I want to continue to branch out genre-wise, reading more nonfiction, literary fiction, and classics. I also want to continue reading books by more diverse authors and about more diverse people, including more books by and about disabled people and trans and other queer people.

To keep myself accountable, I am also setting a numeric goal. I want at least 40% of the books I read to be written by authors of color. I think I will also continue a pledge I made to myself last year; for every book by a white author I buy, I also have to buy one from an author of color. Because monetary support is important!

Blogging Goals

I only started this blog last year and I am already so proud of how far I have come! I am generally really happy with the content I am producing. However, because I love writing bookish content so much and recommending books to people, I realize that to some extent I have really neglected the review side of things. So I am hoping to post more reviews next year, at least one a month. Generally, I am hoping to post at least twice a month, not including monthly wrap-ups. Ideally it will actually be more than that, but I do have a life, and this is something I am doing for fun. I don’t want to do anything at the expense of my mental health.

I am also setting a goal for myself to interact with more blogs next year. I know it is silly, because everybody likes interaction with their content, but I generally feel weird commenting on blog posts. But logically, since I know most people are only going to be excited to have comments, I want to do it more to really start to build connections within the blogging community.

An image of blue flowers on a white background.

Thanks again for continuing to follow me on this blogmas journey! I will be back tomorrow to share some of my most anticipated books releases of 2022.

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