Announcement: Blog Changes

Hello everyone! To get it out of the way, I just want to say that all of these changes are cool, exciting things! I will still be making essentially the same content. However, I have added or changed a few things recently, and I wanted to make a post to kind of identify those things all in one place. These include visual changes, and ways to monetarily help support me and the blog. While none of these are super huge on their own, I just wanted to give a bit of space to talk about some of the things I have changed recently.

  • I have a new logo! You can now see it in my header, and I am going to start including it at the end of every post. It was made by my lovely friend Zoe, and I totally love it!
  • I have a ko-fi now! I by no means expect to make money off this blog, I am doing it because I love it. However, I do spend a lot of time and a decent amount of money on it, so the goal is just to offset some of those costs. You can find the link to my ko-fi in the sidebar if you would like to support me in that way.
  • In addition to that, I have become a affiliate. This means I am including affiliate links in my posts, and I get a small portion of money when you purchase a book through that link at no additional cost to you. I decided to do this after reading Malka’s post about being a affiliate. Again, it is just a way for me to potentially offset some of the costs that come with blogging. You can find my page here, where you can support me at any time even without an affiliate link.
  • While I was setting up all of these new things, I decided to make it easier, I would combine everything in one spot with a linktree. I mostly just keep this in my Instagram bio, since it is easier here to have many different links. However, still feel free to check it out!
  • A much smaller change I have already started is changing the way I do my monthly wrap ups. I am just including a bit more information in the wrap ups, including posts from other bloggers I enjoyed reading, songs and podcasts I am listening to, and more personal reflections.

These have all been implemented very gradually, which is why I wanted to make a quick post just to compile them all in one place. As always, thank you so much for your support of this blog! I love writing it, so I am always so glad there are people out there willing to read it!

3 thoughts on “Announcement: Blog Changes

  1. I’m so glad I inspired you to become a affiliate! I hope you see much success from it and just enjoy making some fun lists! Also, good for you for making a Ko-Fi! I’ve considered a $1-$5 Patreon at times, but I just can’t see it taking off via blogging for me to put in the work to implement it. But who knows, maybe some day, I’ll go ahead and do it!

    These all seem like amazing changes! Good for you for putting in the work to make this space even better for yourself!

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