February and March Reading Wrap-Up // A book slump and my spring break reading marathon

Hello hello! I am personally experiencing some lovely Spring weather today, so I am in a pretty good mood. All this Spring weather is good for me reading as well, apparently. I hit a bit of a book slump in February, so I ended up not posting a wrap-up last month. However, last week was my Spring break, where I ended up reading a total of 9 books in my 10 days of break.

I read a total of 6 books in February and 15 books in March. Despite the low book count, I did read some great books in February, including Seven Days in June and I Kissed Shara Wheeler. My favorite March read was Cultish: the Language of Fanaticism. I also went through a F/F romance phase and read How to Find a Princess and Home Field Advantage, neither of which are new favorites, but I would definitely recommend them. Given the book slump, I also 4 re-reads and 6 audiobooks over the last two months.

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Your Spring Break Reading Guide

Hello hello! I am very excited because my Spring break started yesterday! If you are on a break right now, or have one coming up soon, and are reading this blog, there is a good chance that you are going to spend some of that break reading (I know I have). So I wrote up some book recommendations based on what your other Spring break plans are. I hope you enjoy!

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Romance Reads for Your Valentine’s Day Pleasure

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is a very weird holiday in that people experience it wildly differently. For some, it is a day to spend with your significant other. Some people use it to celebrate all kinds of love. Some resent it as a capitalistic exploitation of love and simply look forward to the candy. And for the book lovers among us, it’s just an excuse to read romance books. February just puts you in that romance mood, but if you don’t know where to start, here are some different books for you to check out.

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January Wrap-Up

Happy end of January! I don’t know how it was for you all, but January just went by so slowly for me. I was so determined to post some reviews this month, and it just didn’t happen. However, I will hopefully be posting some romance related posts in honor of Valentine’s Day this month!

January is usually a pretty good reading month for me because I have most of the month off from school. I ended up reading 12 books, which isn’t that far off from my usual average, but HALF of those were literary fiction, and one of them was nonfiction. So in the end, I am pretty happy with it.

I read a lot of really good books this month. My favorites were When You Get the Chance, The Guncle, and Anxious People. But really, I liked every single book I read this month. Take a look under the cut for the list of all the books I read this month.

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Blogmas Day 12: Reviewing Every Book I read in my Queer Studies Class

Hello and welcome to the twelfth day of blogmas! Or in other words, the final day of blogmas! I just want to take a moment to thank all of you who joined me on this journey. Writing a blog post every day for twelve days was a lot of work, and definitely something I won’t be doing again anytime soon, but it was really fun for me, so I thank you for sticking around and reading them!

As I introduced yesterday, in my Fall 2021 semester I took two different English classes, and thus read a lot of books for class. One of these classes was a course on the Harlem Renaissance, and I reviewed all the books I read for that class on my post yesterday. Today, I am reviewing all the books I read for my queer studies class. The full title of the class was actually “Rainbow Republic: American Queer Culture from Walt Whitman to Lady Gaga” but that’s a bit of a mouthful.

I read a total of seven books for this class, to varying degrees of my enjoyment. Below, I review all of them.

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Blogmas Day 11: Reviewing Every Book I read in my Harlem Renaissance Class

Welcome back to the eleventh day of blogmas! I am so happy to have you here for my book reviews today.

I briefly mentioned a few times that I did a lot of reading for school this semester. That’s because I was taking two English classes this semester! (Something I am never doing again by the way, there’s a reason I’m not an English major). So for the last two days of blogmas I am going to take the time to review all of the books I read in those two classes. Today I am going to cover all the books I read for my Harlem Renaissance class.

As a quick note, in case you aren’t familiar, the Harlem Renaissance covers a period roughly from 1917 to 1935 where there was a renewed interest in African-American art. During that time, there was an incredible amount of paintings, books, music, and other art being created. Moreover, it was becoming more widespread. Since I took an English class on the Renaissance, we focused mostly on the literature of the time period. We read lots of poems and excerpts of books for class, as well as six full books.

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Blogmas Day 10: January TBR

Good evening! Thanks for stopping by the blog today for day ten of blogmas! Only a few days left and then I can have a blogging break (whew!). Today, I am sharing my January TBR. I was going to layout some of the books on my tbr for the year (that aren’t 2022 releases), but I quickly realized that I only had the first few months or so. So instead, I am just focusing on January.

I am on break right now, which means a few different things for my reading plan. For one, it means that I have extra time, so I am hoping to read 15 books total this month. It also means that I am currently at home and have access to my bookshelves. Thus, I’m hoping to plow through some of the books on my physical tbr this month. Read on for some of the books on my tbr for this month!

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