Five Memoirs for Women’s History Month

In the United States, March is designated as Women’s History Month. As is true for all marginalized groups, women’s history has frequently been hidden and obscured. As such, it is really important to make sure that women’s stories are heard, especially those of queer women and women of color. I decided to focus this post on memoirs for two reasons. Firstly, because I have read way more memoirs than I have biographies, so I have more books to recommend. But also because it is also important for us to hear stories directly from the source.

In the words of Carmen Maria Machado, whose memoir is mentioned in this post, “sometimes stories are destroyed, and sometimes they are never uttered in the first place; either way something very large is irrevocably missing from our collective histories.” So today we are here to highlight times when women have told their stories, to make sure they do not disappear from history.

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