Reviewing every book I read in my graphic novel class

It’s that time of year again: where I turn my semester in an English class into a blog post! This semester, I took an English/Jewish studies class called “Jews, African Americans, and other minorities in U.S. comics and graphic novels.” We read a lot of books this semester, most of which were graphic novels. And if you can’t tell from the course title, they were written by a diverse range of authors. I ended up reading some really interesting graphic novels as a result, and even though I never considered myself a comics or graphic novel person before, I have started exploring the genre a lot more and really came to appreciate it. So today I will share my reviews of both the well known and the obscure books I read for this class.

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April Wrap-Up // basically just more graphic novels

Happy May! I hope that now that we are in the “brings May flowers” part of the rhyme, the rain can be over, because I am really looking forward to some sunshine! April was both a rainy and busy month for me. It was the last full month of school, without a spring break to buoy me through like March had. As a result, most of the books I read this month were either for school or were audiobooks.

I was very ambitious going into this month, so I didn’t quite meet all my reading goals. However, that is not to say I had a poor reading month. I re-read Imogen, Obviously in preparation to write my review for this blog (posted now!), and that was definitely my favorite book of the month. However, my reading for class introduced me to a few other really amazing books, including Mira Jacob’s Good Talk: a Memoir in Conversations and Let There be Light by Liana Finck. As with last month, because I am taking a class in graphic novels, I ended up reading a lot of graphic novels this month, which really helped boost my overall book count.

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