No TBR Fall

Hi everyone! I am back from my unexpected hiatus under peer pressure. I honestly could not tell you how frequently I will be posting. My life is very busy right now, so I do not have a whole lot of reading time or blogging time. One side effect of this is that I have decided not to set a TBR for myself this Fall.

If you have been following the blog, you will recall my incredibly long TBR I had for the summer. But now that I am back at school and my life has drastically shifted from where it was a couple of months ago, my reading patterns are off. I realized pretty quickly I had no hope of sticking to a TBR. So I have decided to try out what I am calling my experiment of no TBR Fall.

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How Well Did I Stick to my Summer TBR?

Hello all! At the beginning of the summer, in an attempt to actually stick to a plan, I posted my hot girl summer TBR. Today, I am going to check in and see how well I did in sticking to it. I am not usually a TBR person, I am much more of a mood reader. However, there are also books I would particularly like to get done in a timely manner. This includes library books I have to return, things friends recommend to me, ARCs, and books I have been sitting on for a long time and need to finally get to.

I definitely ended up reading lots of books this summer that were not on this list, but I did make it through a relatively good portion of these as well. And of course I read lots of books not on this list. I will say this is a bit of a casual, chaotic post, I definitely should have put this in a list format. But I’m not going to change it now!

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My Hot Girl Summer TBR

I don’t know about you, but I love reading books in the summer. It is one of my favorite seasons to read in (although who am I kidding? I like reading in all seasons). I just love sitting outside in the sun devouring a good book! It also happens to be one of the times of year where I have the most free time in which I am available to read. Thus, I have so many books that I am hoping to get through this summer. I was writing up my June tbr the other night, and I just got so excited about all the books I am hoping to read all summer long that I wanted to share – which is how this post came to be.

I do want to make it clear, this is not a recommendation list of “hot girl books;” which as far as I can tell means short litfic featuring women (although some books on this list do fit that category and I could probably do a post with those recommendations if people are interested?? drop your thoughts below). This is literally just my tbr list for the summer. However, I am hot and I am a girl (ish) and I am determined to be in my hot girl summer era so I feel justified in using this title.

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